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Upscale Flooring and Carpentry Montgomery Baseboard trim

Upscale Flooring and Carpentry specializes in trim carpentry. We install door casing, baseboard, crown molding, window casing, wainscoting, shoe molding and more. We trim some of the finest homes in Montgomery and the surrounding area. Make your home the next home to get the Upscale treatment by setting up an appointment today.

Trimming your home is a cost effective way to add value to your home. Adding a thick door casing makes your home go from average to elegant. A plain wall turns into a feature when you add wainscoting. Montgomery is an up and coming place to live with builders adding to subdivisions daily. Upscale will upgrade your builders grade home and turn it into a custom space with more appeal than the surrounding homes with custom trim.

Upscale Flooring and Carpentry Trim Montgomery Wainscoting
Upscale added wainscoting to this baby room. The space went from being drab and normal to being beautiful and classy.

Attention to detail is key when installing outside corners on baseboard and crown molding. Upscale Flooring and Carpentry takes the time to measure every corner so that your trim is seamless. Our goal is to trim Montgomery with craftsmanship that it has never seen.

Trim Montgomery
Flooring Montgomery
The result of measuring each angle is a tight corner even before caulking is used.
Flooring Montgomery

Little details make a big difference. A header with Crown Molding was added to this standard door casing to make it majestic.