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Crown Molding

Crown Molding Montgomery

Crown molding is a great way to make your home classy and elegant. Upscale Flooring and Carpentry provides quality crown molding installation in Montgomery and the surrounding areas. Take your home to the next level, and Call or Text 708-204-6955 for a free estimate.

Crown Molding increases the value of your home. Upscale Flooring and Carpentry takes care in every single corner and run. Upscale cuts each mitre perfectly to the angle of its final location. All corners are slightly different, so a true craftsman will take the time to find each one. If you are in Montgomery or the surrounding area, Call or Text today to set up your free estimate.

Noticeable areas for a crown molding installation would be:

  • Master Bedroom/Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room

Montgomery is one of the best places to live according to With home prices at an all time high, home improvements are bringing in great returns. According to Fortune Builders, a minor bathroom remodel is number one on the list. Crown Molding is an inexpensive way to add major appeal to your master bathroom.

Crown Molding Montgomery

My family and I live in Montgomery and have installed crown molding in our own home. The value of our home has gone up 30 percent. In other words, if we sold today, we would get %130 of what we paid. Upscale Flooring and Carpentry understands the importance of home improvement. It not only increases your quality of life, it increases the value of your home.


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